A revolutionary load-carrying solution tailored for Tradesmen and proudly crafted in Australia. Step into a new era of functionality with our innovative approach to roof racks.

Precision meets lightweight durability in the Wedgetail Trade, setting a remarkable standard in load-carrying solutions. Its advanced heavy-duty crossbar design not only ensures strength but also minimizes wind noise, elevating your driving experience to new heights.


Efficiency takes center stage with our ladder buffers system, streamlining the storage of ladders and a diverse range of loads with unparalleled ease. The Wedgetail Trade Roof Rack introduces a full-length loading roller and an open channel design, simplifying the attachment of optional accessories for added convenience.

For enhanced protection, Wedgetail crossbars feature provisions for rubber closure strips. The straightforward installation process guarantees the security and preservation of your ladders and loads, ensuring damage-free transport.

Explore a revolution in load-carrying capabilities with the Wedgetail Trade Roof Rack. Unveil the next level of innovation and style, exclusively designed and built for vans and commercial vehicles. Visit our website today and discover why it's more than just a roof rack – it's an embodiment of Australian craftsmanship and ingenuity. Wedgetail Trade, redefining the standards in innovation and style for the tradesman on the move.