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Part Number: WTA-RTTMH

Price: $100.00 + freight

Wedgetail Accessories

Roof top tent Brackets

Ever wondered how to effortlessly elevate your camping setup?

Enter Wedgetail's Roof Top Tent Brackets – the solution for secure and hassle-free elevated camping.

Engineered for durability and easy installation, these sleek brackets ensure your rooftop tent stays firmly in place during off-road adventures. Trust Wedgetail for a reliable and rugged solution that lets you focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

Note: It is recommended that the tent brackets are used in conjunction with appropriate rubber kit to provide full stable mounting surface


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TIE-DOWN STRAP with hook (set of 2)

Quantity: Contains 2 x Tie Down Straps with Hook
Strap Length: 3m / 118 inches
Durability: Resistant to damage from the elements, tested in harsh environments
Protection: Rubber buckle protector guards against dents and scratches on the load and vehicle
Ease of Use: Quick and easy to attach.
Compatibility: Can be hooked on items with up to 25mm / 1" cylindrical diameter
Perfect for use with WTA-TEK4 TIE-DOWN EYELET KIT
Compatibility Note: Can be used with Tradesman Oval Products and Commercial MAX Platforms when large bars are used as fixture points instead of the mesh.

Part no: WTA-RS2
Price: $33.00